Stone Power Tools

Stone Sculpture Power Tool Options

Electric Tools

1). Electric Drill – buy cheapest, faster RPM possible because you will burn it out.
It can be used :

To drill holes with masonry drill bits
With carbide and diamond burrs for slow removal of stone if you don’t have a die grinder
To sand with “stick and sand” padded sanding disc pad (use additional rubber cement to glue disc to pad) (local hardware store) good for sanding large areas. Use 4″or 4 1/2″pad.

2). Electric Die Grinder ( Makita makes one for around $100 can be used:

Used to remove stone in areas where breakage is a problem and to carve the form.
1/4″ shank size ….for most work
Used with accessories: Carbide Burrs and Diamond Burrs good for carving – coarser grit the better- AND rotary chisel to remove large amounts of stone .
best price – Wood Carvers Supply –

  • 3). Angle Grinder can be used:

    * To remove large amounts of stone by cutting slices into the stone with grinding wheels or diamond blades and using a hand held mallet and chisel to knock the pieces loose. Diamond blades (Braxton Bragg, Knoxville)
    * To carve and shape the sculpture (especially soft stones)using the masonry discs available at local hardware stores


4). Foredom Flexible Shaft Tool

Great for detail carving – I use the S series motor and #25 handpiece but they may have a more powerful one now – Accessories include steel, carbide and diamond burrs. Will take 1/4″ and 1/8″ shanks. I tend to use only the smaller burrs for detail work.

Pneumatic Tools

1). Handpiece or Hammer

1/2″ to 3/4″shank – needs at least a 2HP compressor to use.
3 1/2 HP better. There are three brands most used. Italian (Cuturi) (Milani) and American.(Trow and Holden). The Italian is smoother and less heavy. with less vibration. but many like the power of the American. It uses PSI from 20 to 100 (costs about $300)

2). Pneumatic Chisels

Tooth chisels are especially good for shaping alabaster and limestone. Points, flat chisels and tooth bullnose available. Bush chisel great for texturing marble as well as stone removal.. Carbide tipped last longer and are more expensive. They are a must for marble.

3). Air Die Grinder

– Get rear exhaust to keep oil off stone – better than electric because doesn’t get hot. Needs 90 PSI. on compressor to use. Uses all accessories of electric die grinder. (Home Depot has a cheap one, Campbell Hausfeld). Best to have 5HPcompressor to use this tool.

4). Air Angle Grinder

Needs 90 PSI – Get rear exhaust same as electric angle grinder but doesn’t get hot. Best to have 5HPcompressor.




5). Air Drill

Needs 90 PSI – (Home Depot $ 45 Campbell Hausfield )
Great for sanding pads and velcro diamond sanding discs (Braxton Bragg).
Great with 2″ or 3″ sanding Disc Set – (On-line 2 ) contains soft flexible pad with velcro sanding discs in grits 60 to 1200 – Best to have 5HPcompressor.

6.) Carpal Tunnel Gloves

A must forpneumatic work.
Keeps you from getting carpal tunnel syndrome.
(On-line sculpture supply)

7. 4 ” back plate flexfoam velcro with velcro 4 “sanding discs for marble you can also get their 4” diamond velcro pads

Attachment for grinder (Braxton Bragg)




You should work outside whle grinding with a respirator but for interior dust collecting while grinding use PSI Woodworking Products Portable Dust Collection Bob DC720 – $199 – most others let stone dust through.