Artist Statement

My stone sculptures are mystical in nature.
An AJC reviewer once said ” Jane creates dreams in stone”.
My art reflects the coexistence of the conscious and subconscious,
the symbolic and literal, and the ancient and modern.

I am a direct carver. I draw directly on the stone. With an idea in my mind, I start chiseling. Being a figurative sculptor I usually start an idea that revolves around the human form.

It is a discovery of the unconscious. My hands follow what my subconscious creative self dictates. My art evolves usually as I create it.

I am especially interested in combining various materials. I pay homage
to the Greco-Roman roots of stone in sculpture. From the Romans, I borrow the process of combining differnt stones in one figure .

Lately I have been creating female figures out of cypress wood and different stones for the torso and head. The cypress lends itself too flowing drapery. I stress the gesture of the form.Contrasting the angular with the curvilinear shapes is of interest to me.

My stone sculptures invite the viewer to interpret thus creating their own stories